TOSNO 73 , 2


Personal Information

1944 –        Born in Alapaevsk, Russia. From 1945 lived in Leningrad.

1967 –        Graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute.

1975 –        Graduated from the High Art College, named Muhina.

1993 –        Emigrated to Israel.  Lives in Jerusalem.

Fellowships and  Awards

1989-            “Kentucky Colonel” honorary title, Kentucky, USA

                   Jefferson County Citizen, Kentucky, USA

1995-          Prize “Ish Shalom”,Jerusalem

1995-          Prize “art ‘95” Gallery Art-54 , New York

1997-          Diplome of gallery “  Art addiction”, Sweden

2009-          Diplome of excellence  ” Art Addiction” gallery

Works purchased by

The State Russian Museum, S. Petersburg

The Judah L. Magnes Museum , Berkeley , Ca, USA

Center of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan

Museum Gissen, Germany

Museum of Nonconformist Art, S. Petersburg